Outdoor Connection Aria Tent Review for Outdoor Camping Disorder, presented by Matt Bloomfield, owner of Live 2 Camp, https://www.live2camp.com.au/


Matt and his wife Lisa do great reviews on campsites around this great country of ours. Check out their website, Facebook page and sign up for there online magazine.

You will find great vidoes of the campsites and what amenitities they have. Here is there Bio;

Travelling long distances can make bush camping and beach camping a daunting experience. Having all the information about campsites will allow you to be prepared and make choosing a destination campsite easy.

Live2Camp is a camping directory with a difference. Our aim is to provide video footage of bush camping and beach camping areas to show what facilities are available at each camp area for campers to use.  From the toilets, showers and fire pits, to how accessible it is for different camping options, this directory shows the searching camper if each potential campsite is suitable for them.  

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