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    Excellent seller. Very pleased with the purchase of the new Ground Dogs Stainless Steel Screw In Pegs. They certainly did the trick!

    Very happy with my purchase of the Outdoor Connection Howqua 2 and 3 Person Tent! Highly recommended! Thank you.

    Dave is an excellent seller. Very fast delivery (10 days ahead of scheduled date) Howqua 2 tent exactly as advertised and very well packaged. Personal hand written thank you for purchasing note included. I would definitely recommend buying from Outdoor Camping Disorder.

    Love the Outdoor Connection King Rocker Chair! Thank you very much.

    Comfy rocking chair from Outdoor Connection with high back. Very happy with it.

    Brilliant! I accidentally ordered 2 Burke & Wills coats. One purchase was reversed same day with a single email request to the seller. Super delivery. Ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday. Great service.

    Absolutely beautiful!!! SUPER fast delivery for the Stockmans coat. Dave was VERY helpful. Thank you.

    Shirt from Burke & Wills is excellent quality. Postage was super-fast – received day after ordering.


    Outdoor Camping Disorder (OCD) is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor adventure needs. Camping equipment, outdoor apparel, outdoor cooking utensils, and specialized hiking gear are all available online with us. If you’re looking for online camping stores in Australia, we’re one of many but we’re not commercialized – and we’re run by campers for campers, not a corporate paycheck.

    Due to the pandemic happening right now, more and more people are ordering products online too, so get your swag now or buy a tent online and we’ll have it shipped out to you in no time. The demand for an online camping store has risen significantly because of COVID-19 and Outdoor Camping Disorder (OCD) have broadened their product range to help the demand, for many products including the rise in cooking equipment such as burners, pots, pans and utensils for your camping getaway. All the major brands, such as Outdoor Connection, Burke & Wills, and Barebones, are available within our online camping store.


    Outdoor Camping Disorder (OCD) is much more than simply one of those online camping stores though; it’s an entire personalized experience. We have Australia’s largest collection of outdoor products and source the best gear from both domestic and international sources.

    Our camping equipment is available to help you have exciting outdoor adventures while also receiving the best guidance for your excursions. Check out our camping essentials, blog, monthly deals and why not just buy a tent online now! Or even a top-grade Burke and Wills jacket or a Burke and Wills double swag? You’ll find the best quality gazebos, tents, and solar powered camping lights to suit a regular camping trip or the advanced camping tools if you’re a seasoned avid camper, as we are your one stop shop for all camping gear online. If you’re looking for one of the best online camping stores in Australia — you’ve just arrived and if you’re not already, you’ll soon be camping like a pro after buying our products. We love camping and don’t forget… camping is forever!




    Fresh air is a nice way to relieve the stress of a hectic day. A good idea for a breath of fresh air is to immerse yourself in an environment without buildings, cars, or any distractions but rather a place filled with trees, rivers, and land.

    A good solution to that is to go experience nature by going camping! Before going to the nitty-gritty on what to bring and what to do on camping trips, you should at least know a little background about what camping is.


    Camping is an outdoor activity that requires being away from your home for an extended period of time by using or not using a shelter such as a tent or a motorhome. People typically leave urban places in search of a more natural setting that can have enjoyable activities. Camping varies from day trips, picnics, and other short-term outdoor activities that includes spending the night (or more) outside.

    Who invented camping? Well, in the early twentieth century, camping as a recreational pastime became popular among the upper class. It gained appeal among different social classes throughout generations. National and state parks, wilderness regions, and commercial campgrounds are all popular destinations for campers. Most people define camping as “an outdoor activity including overnight stays in a shelter, away from home.” But keep in mind that “shelter” might refer to either a tent or a motorhome. Camping is an important feature of many youth organizations across the world, including Scouting, which uses camping to educate self-reliance as well as teamwork and this is how camping is done and enjoyed and how camping works overall.

    Now that we have that sorted out, what are the essentials to bring whilst in a camping trip? You’ll be dependent on the things you’ll be bringing; you must be sure and secure with the items you’ll be taking. So…



    Camping is all about getting away from the luxuries of urban life, so make a list of things you’ll need ahead of time. Depending on the location, time, and planned activity, you may need to bring several pieces of camping equipment. If you’re asking yourself; what camping equipment do I need? Besides food and water, we’ve prepared a checklist for you to tick off!

    • Backpack

    A backpack is one of the most essential items of equipment to have on your excursion if you plan on doing any trekking or hiking. It ought to be comfy, waterproof, and lightweight. A weekend backpack is ideal for 1-3 nights spent outdoors. Depending on the conditions you intend to camp in, a capacity of 35 to 50 liters is recommended. More gear necessitates more space; thus, a weekend trip will require taking a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, and cooking gear.

    • Sleeping Bag

    Considering nights in the woods are colder, a warm and comfy sleeping bag will help you get a better night’s sleep. A sleeping bag is a lightweight quilt with a zipper that can be used as a compact, portable bedding in circumstances where a person is sleeping outdoors. Its primary purpose is to provide warmth and thermal insulation using synthetic or down insulation. A sleeping bag is typically used in addition to a tent since it serves those functions easier. It usually has a water-resistant or water-repellent cover that protects against wind chill and light precipitation to some extent.

    • Collapsible Camping Gear

    This is an awesome idea, particularly for beginners. When shopping online, always ask yourself, “Is this collapsible?” “– because folding, shrinking, and collapsible camping gear allows you to bring more gear. On a family camping vacation, it can be challenging to find space, so when you look around at everything that needs to go in the car or motorhome, you might be thinking how you’re going to make the things fit.  On longer camping vacations, your car’s trunk becomes a jigsaw puzzle, with every box neatly packed and every nook filled. So, when searching any camping store online always think, collapsible camping gear.


    • Torch/Flashlight

    A flashlight is a must-have item for any camping trip, and you should have one for each member of your camping group. Don’t forget to bring more than one flashlight! With only one on hand, it’s possible it’ll get lost, break, or stop working properly.  It is important to bring multiple torches. Don’t be too dependent on your vision and memory skills. If you’re trapped in an emergency, being able to see what’s going on and how to get yourself and others out of danger is important.


    • Baby Wipes

    Unless you’re staying at a campground, you’ll be lucky to have access to a shower or even running water during your camping trip. Bringing a couple of baby wipes will be a lifesaver.  They’re useful for a variety of reasons, and you’ll find that you’ll need this essential item considerably more often than you think! Whether it’s for the bathroom, cleaning your cooking utensils, or wiping down your clothes and shoes, you’ll never want to go camping without them after just one trip.

    • Hand Sanitizer/Rubbing Alcohol

    Because of COVID-19, we’ve become aware that hand sanitizer is a quick and easy approach in keeping germs away. When a doctor visits a new patient, he or she washes their hands with an antibacterial solution. Hikers should do the same after using the restroom and before preparing or eating meals. Come on, hygiene people!  Soap and water aren’t always available while camping, bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you. Ethyl alcohol, which will kill bacteria when used, must be included in this translucent gel. Rubbing alcohol, such as Band Aid or Isocol, is a better alternative to hand sanitizer and may be found at your local chemist.

    • Tent

    In order to stay relatively safe in the woods, you’ll need a tent. Which camping tent is the best? Well, you’ll need a tough tent that can endure a wide range of weather conditions. A camping tent is not only necessary if you want to fully enjoy your camping vacation without hiccups, but it also delivers the ultimate camping experience; after all, you want to feel like you’re on a true outdoor adventure! Tents offer excellent shelter from the environment, such as wind, rain, and sun. The wind is one of campers’ worst enemies, but if you stay inside the tent, you’ll be completely safe and secure, except a typhoon. Here’s a tip for you, check out our range of Howqua Tents by Outdoor Connection which you can buy from our camping store online. The best adventures are sometimes those that lead you off the beaten path and Howqua Tents are a superb lightweight hiking tent if you’re planning a trip along the coast or into the wilderness, so buy a tent online and from us.


    • Camping Chair/Seat/Stool

    Of course, you’ll be needing to sit somewhere in your camping trip! Feel comfortable with your own chair. Can camping chairs be used at the beach? Of course! Otherwise, you’ll get tired of having to sit on sand, grass, logs or trying to find anywhere that’s dry on a wet day. Sitting on something comfortable whilst eating, drinking, working, reading, or simply enjoying the campfire is far more convenient than sitting on the ground. Foldable chairs, or a compact stool are useful for a variety of activities too, including fishing, BBQs and picnics. All of this will be made much more comfortable with a portable chair, allowing you to sit back, relax, and destress. Which camping chair is best? Search our online shop to discover the best option for you.

    • First Aid Kit

    A first-aid kit is essential to any camping trip. In your kit, include pain relievers, antiseptic solution, band aids and bandages – with appropriate scissors or knife. Being in Australia, you may want to consider a snake bite kit also, which is becoming more popular in its demand and let’s face it, it may just save your life. Unfortunately, we have plenty of snakes out there in the woods!

    • Mosquito Repellent & Fly Spray

    Another annoying part of nature within our great nation, is mosquitos and flies. Doesn’t matter where you go in Australia, they’re waiting for you! Make sure you have good mosquito roll-on or spray and something to keep other flies and insects away. Essential shopping.

    Those are just the essentials for a camping trip.

    Here are a few suggestions on what you can also bring if it still fits inside your car!

    • Kitchen utensils

    Spoon, forks, thermos for hot water, pans, and knives! Knives can be essential as well, you got to be prepared for the worse. Kidding aside, this can also be helpful in times where you don’t have scissors on hand, you can cut through a packet with a knife.

    • Firewood

    If your campground allows campfires, might as well enjoy your smores with the smoky firewood! Also, they say having conversations surrounding the fire creates a more intimate mood. Might as well share some stories by the fire, right?

    • Stove

    If you’re lucky enough to bring a stove, then why not! Nothing beats a hot can of soup on a cold night outdoors! However, if you’re looking or buying one, check out our website.

    • Matches/ Lighters

    If your flashlights have gone completely off or broken, matches are a way to save the night! You may never know but they will come in handy in dark situations.

    • Rubbish bins/plastics to throw trash

    You know the saying, “CLAYGO?” which means, “Clean before you go” well, you should practice that when you’re camping. You don’t want to harm the environment with your rubbish!

    • Extra change of clothes

    You always have to be prepared for the worst… or maybe you just take a swim in the river, and you need extra clothes for changing. Or you’ve sweat through your clothes, might as well change it so you won’t feel icky throughout the camping experience.

    • Raincoat or umbrella

    Again, you got to be prepared for the worst and when you’re hiking, you don’t want to be soaking wet! Raincoats are the lightest you can bring that can prepare you for a rainy day of hiking!

    • Sunblock

    You don’t want to get sun burned when trekking. Might as well bring a small dose of sunblock in your bag!

    • Slippers/Slip-On Shoes

    Of course, you’ll be wearing hiking/ camping shoes on the day so better get yourself comfortable when the sun sets, and a pair of thongs would come in handy for your comfort! Plus, it’s lightweight!

    • A sense of adventure

    Why go on a camping trip if your mind is still at work? Relax and enjoy the nature! Breathe in the fresh air and be one of nature.


    Camping can give us a lots of fun and allows us to connect with our friends, loved ones and the environment… but there’s so much more camping can give us and once going regularly you’ll learn how camping promotes physical fitness. Did you know that spending a night under the stars has a slew of health benefits? These advantages, which range from favorable effects on physical and mental health to those specifically designed for children, ensure that there are even more reasons to camp.

    Here are a few reasons why camping is good for your health and why camping etiquette is important:

    • Camping can help with problem solving

    Camping and its associated activities might sometimes present you with challenges, even Google can’t solve! These are challenges that are regularly encountered but not on a daily basis. How to pitch a tent, for example, or how to deal with situations where you don’t have access to modern conveniences or are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Whatever the situation, there is growing evidence that facing new difficulties and experiences helps us maintain our mental health by requiring us to think for ourselves. In fact, every time you’re out on a camping trip, you should ask yourself the question; what can camping teach us today?

    • Camping is beneficial for a kid’s education

    Camping with children can have a direct positive impact on their development. This is especially true in the age of smartphones, tablets, and other forms of technology. Because so many youngsters nowadays spend far too much time in front of screens, outdoor activity can be quite beneficial for their mental health. Camping with your family opens up a whole new world for your children, forcing them to encounter new difficulties and obstacles… and figure out how to overcome them. Exposure to a variety of obstacles not only benefits in the growth of a child’s brain, but because camping is enjoyable, it also develops a stronger bond between family members and the planet itself.

    • Camping can help you get a more restful night’s sleep

    Camping, according to research, can help us reset our biological clocks and help those of us who have difficulty sleeping or getting up in the morning. In summary, it’s a result of our growing use of artificial light in our daily lives, and camping can help us adjust to the natural light-dark cycle if given the chance. The importance of getting enough sleep for our general health and well-being has long been emphasized.

    • Vitamin D levels increase when you go camping

    There are no doubts about it: if you’re going camping, you’ll be spending some time in the sun. As a result, camping often means even more time in the sun. The more sun rays you get, the more vitamin D you’ll get, which has health benefits. While there is a lot of evidence suggesting some benefits are still unclear, there appears to be agreement that it improves bone health. So, when you’re out camping, remember to wear sunscreen and, if you’re shopping for accessories, consider picking up some vitamins to help with bone strength.

    • Camping encourages you to get more exercise

    Take a camping trip if your exercise options are limited. You’ll see new places and have the opportunity to do new things like mountain biking, kayaking, hiking trails, fly fishing, and long walks. Camping guarantees that you will engage in some form of activity – there is no way around it – and this is how camping promotes physical fitness.


    • Camping makes you feel better

    That’s right, going camping can help you feel better, but if you’re wondering how camping helps mentally to an individual, it has to do with serotonin, a chemical produced by our bodies that creates our happiness. More sunlight, more oxygen, and because camping promotes physical fitness, these are all elements that helps create serotonin in our body, It will release endorphins to our brains in the same way we would receive after a gym session or sauna – then you’ll feel refreshed and recharged.



    In our modern world, with its technical advancements and plenty of entertainment options, we rarely focus on ourselves or our natural skills. We can’t envision stepping outside of our comfort zones, and we constantly have a million excuses. We blame our lack of time, busy schedules, and stressful lifestyles.

    Most of us grow up without knowing what life would be like without our soft beds, heaters, and air-conditioning systems, as well as the household staples, microwaves ovens, refrigerators, constant supply of electricity, internet, and running water. If we don’t have access to any or all of them on a daily basis, we get nervous and irritated. Humans have thrived without any of these so-called essential necessities for generations. When they initially became accessible, they were considered luxuries, but now we can’t seem to function without them.

    A good way to bring us back within nature is to explore and inhale nature itself. With that, here are a few learnings of what camping can teach you and why camping is fun.

    Can camping help anxiety? The answer is absolutely! Camping helps you to unplug from your cell phones, laptops, and buzzing devices that keep us connected to our stressful lives. One of the best things about camping is how camping reduces stress and enables you to disconnect from the internet and be in the middle of nature. You can disconnect from the outside world and become one with your environment. Simply stop relying on Google to fix all of your problems. Concentrate more on the most basic elements in your environment. Try to live amongst the grass, mountains, trees, and bushes; you’ll have no choice but to experience the natural wonders that you might otherwise overlook. As a result, you may see the value in occasionally turning off your phone, not checking social media, and not responding to every email you receive after work hours. It will be beneficial to your brain. That is how camping is done and enjoyed.

    A campfire is one of the few things in our world that can inspire discussions about anxieties, hope, and the purpose of life, this is what camping can teach us. It has a mysterious, yet rewarding quality about it. Something that causes you to tell stories about yourself that only your closest friends and family members are aware of. Conversations around the campfire take on a richer, more heartfelt tone. Perhaps it’s because we’re not distracted by our cellphones, television, and other trivial matters that add stress to our lives, allowing us to focus on the things that really matter: nature, good company, and reconnecting with our personal feelings. Camping can be cool, you know.

    One of the most important lessons while camping was that time is a fickle and fleeting thing, and that the time you spend and the memories you form with your companions will last a lifetime. Camping to connect like running down muddy paths, getting dirty and stinky, dealing with wounds and scratches, doing your business in bushes, and making split-second decisions regarding mere survival all result in moments to treasure or learn from. You have the luxury of not just gazing at it, but genuinely experiencing nature and living in the moment without the restraints of job, deadlines, and social obligations.

    It appears that as technology advances, we become more sensitive to discomfort. Modern individuals hate even the tiniest stone in their shoe, and we escape possible boredom and discomfort faster than the Flash, hiding behind our cellphones and social media. What we don’t recognize is that discomfort encourages us to grow and, as a result, transforms us into a better version of ourselves. That is why each succeeding camping trip teaches you a new lesson and strengthens you. Accept the minor inconveniences with thankfulness, open your mind, and let your camping vacation not only provide you with some of your fondest memories, but also teach you some valuable lessons. This is how camping helps mentally to an individual.

    With that in mind, you got to make sure you have all the right camping equipment for your venture. From collapsible camping gear to Howqua tents, these are all available in Online camping stores in Australia. So you better check out Outdoor Camping Disorder for that.


    It’s a good idea to remember to be a respectful camper whether you’re going on your first or 100th camping trip. Following proper camping etiquette makes you someone that people enjoy having as a neighbor while on vacation. The following camping checklist on how camping works and can act as a reminder on camping like a pro or camping like a boss.

    • Maintain a safe distance

    Personal space is important not only in normal interactions with people, but also when camping. When another camper sets up right on top of the campers around you, no one likes it. Keep near the center of your campgrounds to allow others to move around you. One of the best reasons to go camping is to get away from the crowds and enjoy the great outdoors.

    • Noise

    Not everyone sleeps late or wakes up early. Displaying respect for individuals around you and their schedules is an important part of complying to camping guidelines. As a result, any noises ranging from children laughing and chatting loudly to music and RV doors opening and closing are all subject to noise guidelines. Lower the volume!

    • Camping for kids

    Speaking of noise, adults should keep children respectful on the campgrounds. Keep in mind that some campers prefer not to hear children before 7 a.m. or to have them roaming around late at night. It’s vital to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts, talk to them about being respectful to the other campers and assist them in following the noise level guidelines.

    • Keeping your area in tack and spotless 

    When you leave, make sure your campsite is clean and that any litter is disposed of in the bins supplied on the campgrounds.

    • Set a timer for your lights

    While most campsites do not have any laws about lighting, bear in mind how your lights can affect the other campers. When trying to sleep, or admiring the night sky, someone may be sensitive to light. So either remember to turn everything off at a respectable hour, or set a timer like you would for your Christmas lights.

    • Wildlife in the area should be respected

    It should go without saying that you should not feed any wild animals in the area, but just to be sure, we’ll say it again. To avoid attracting wild animals in the campgrounds, make sure to get rid of any trash and put all food away. Just a reminder, when you leave, make sure your campsite is clean and spotless.

    • Double check whether camping fire pits are allowed at your camping site 

    Nothing beats toasting marshmallows over an open fire, cooking your own potatoes over the coals, or simply experiencing the warmth of a fire on a cold night. However, check with your facility to see if campfires are permitted; otherwise, you may be penalized if you build one. Some campers have a communal bonfire that is lit every night for everyone’s pleasure. If you’re camping near the beach, you can usually create a bonfire on the sand, but always double-check. And only toss things that the fire can burn. Always make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving the campsite by putting dirt or sand on it. A wildfire can simply be started by burning embers. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy camping without fire.

    • Check first if generators are allowed 

    Many campgrounds do not allow generators, but if they do, standard camping etiquette surrounding generators is to use them only during the day for short periods of time if possible. If you need to use a generator at night for medical reasons, try to find a campsite away from others and notify anyone camping nearby that you will be using your generator, giving them the opportunity to move. If you are looking for one, online camping stores are a lifesaver!


    You know the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry?” Well, safety is a priority. And with that in mind, here are a few incidents that may occur once you go camping and what you should do when certain things do not go as planned.

    • Getting Lost

    There are very few things worse than realizing you’ve lost your way. The trees have changed their appearance, the sun is setting, and you don’t have enough food or drink to survive the night.

    Ways of avoiding it: Always take a map, compass, and at least one cell phone with you on a trek. If you are screwed, you can call the campgrounds for assistance if you have service. And where can you find immediate camping essentials? From ​​online camping stores!

    • Someone is injured

    If someone gets harmed while hiking, at the beach, or just relaxing at the campsite, it can affect everyone, especially if the accident requires medical attention.

    Ways to avoid it: Always prioritize safety on the campgrounds. On the trails, practice safe hiking and make it a priority at the campsite. Don’t get too close to the fire and do not feed animals, even if they’re cute.

    • It pours with rain

    Rain has a negative impact on any camping vacation, even if you have a rainfly for your tent and a shelter to dine and relax under (which can be also found in camping stores online). Hiking and exploring in the rain is dangerous, and it’s just plain miserable.

    Ways to avoid it: Before leaving, always check the weather forecast. Reschedule your journey if there’s a danger of heavy rain. Regardless, bring rainy-day diversions for the kids, such as cards, books, and toys.


    Outdoor Camping Disorder (OCD) is committed to supporting the communities in which we live. The preservation of our national parks and Aboriginal people’s ancestral homelands is fundamental to who we are. The environment is our business, and our life so we only advocate responsible outdoor behaviour and activities, that wouldn’t harm us or nature.

    We pledge to continue to supply high-quality products at reasonable prices to all Australians to enable them to have a happier, more enjoyable camping experience.


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