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Do you have the right camping equipment?

Hi all, my name is Dave Ellis, I’m the owner of Outdoor Camping Disorder, your online camping store. Everyone has a disorder of some sort, mine is Camping. My background is Military, I did 15 and a half years in the Army as a skipper on the Army landing craft, yes, the best job in the Army.

With my knowledge and experience of camping in our great country, I would like to share the wonderful experiences and supplying you with quality equipment, tips and ideas so that you can get outdoors and enjoy the experiences on offer. It might be an hour away or a couple of weeks exploring, you, the family & your friends won’t be disappointed.

Starting in Mid 2019, you can even share your experience with my weekly podcast, ‘Great Camping Yarns,’ where fellow campers share their, stories, tips, Weird encounters or even some great spots they have explored on their travels around the country side.

Imagine traveling down the Great Ocean road in Victoria, finding a great camping spot and awaking to a great sunrise over the Pacific Ocean as you are having your morning brew, or traveling to Ularu, and seeing years of history, then crossing the Kimberley Ranges to Broome where you can watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean as you enjoy a cold ale.

So, visit my Facebook page and read my tips and ideas or see the latest in camping equipment and that will last you for years and a lifetime of memories.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Dave – Outdoor Camping Disorder

PO Box 5233 Manly 4179, QLD


Phone: 0416 006 789



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